Friday, June 08, 2007


I love this "FBOFW" plotline in which Liz is a bridesmaid in her friend Shawna-Marie's wedding, and the mother of the bride is taking everything over.

Because EVERY MOTHER in "FBOFW" is a total freak and bad example (Deanna's mom, Anthony's ex-wife Therese) EXCEPT Elly and possibly Deanna. I mean, as if Elly wouldn't exercise this level of control over Liz and Granthony's nuptials. You know she would/will. Ugh.


howard said...

Elly wouldn't need to keep control, because aside from the overall theme that Elly is the best mother ever, there is also the theme presented that big weddings are bad and small ones are good. Witness both of Mike and Deanna's weddings in 2001 as a comparison-contrast.

Elizabeth has been mocking her friend, Shawna-Marie's wedding all week, even before her mother came into view. This is all to get Lynn Johnston's readers ready for what will be a teeny, tiny wedding between Elizabeth and Anthony.

Anonymous said...

Or the wedding of Liz and this new guy that conveniently showed up to "escort" her at the wedding. Blech. I'm so sick of Liz constantly finding new guys who are immediately interested in her.