Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I was shocked that so many people read Tuesday's "FBOFW" and thought Granthony was Mason, the new man in the strip.

It seemed really clear to me it was Granthony, with a shaved-off 'stache, since for one thing, he was seated with the guests, not standing with the groomsmen, and also, why would Mason be mooning over her that quickly? I mean, yes, Lovely Liz puts her spell on every guy who sees her, but even she can't move THAT fast.

I guess they look kind of alike in the sense that all Lynn Johnston's men look vaguely alike, but also, Johnston could never resist the chance to put the Fated Two together at a wedding.

Anyway, Wednesday's strip makes it even clearer, it's Granthony. And is his "date" all of ten years old? She says "an' " for "and," just like April. Note how she oh-so-classily cranks open her mouth to show Liz her dental work. (As someone on the FOOBiverse said: "Thank God John isn't an OB-GYN.") Because everyone in Liz's presence just exists to show how great Liz is by comparison to all womankind, and how foolish Granthony would be to choose anyone else, ever.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if Granthony's date isn't just maybe a little "special".

notanillusion said...

I hate Granthony.

Sorry to completely sidetrack comment, but did you hear Mr. Wizard died? How sad!

govtdrone said...

Anyone else notice how Granthony now looks like Mike the wonder brother?

Anonymous said...

Ummm, did Granthony's date gain a hundred pounds overnight? All of the sudden she's heavy, old, and frumpy looking. Looks like she not only knows the caterer but swallowed him whole!