Monday, June 25, 2007

Putting the "com" in "sitcom"

I love this: YouTube videos of the top 10 unintentionally funny TV intros of all time.

Man, our conservative brethren would probably freak at the premise if "My Two Dads" was pitched today. "Hey your mom died, turns out she was a slut and we don't know who your dad is either. Good news is we narrowed it down to these two guys. Have a good life."

Also, I will never be able to explain "Alf." How the heck was that show ever popular?

But the "Charles in Charge" theme song wins for dorkiest and most hilarious lyrics ever. Who wants Charles in charge of them? Not me, dammit.


Alice said...

Oh, I loved Charles in Charge! I had such a crush on Scott Baio. So dreamy!

Anonymous said...

Now I want to watch "Head of the Class" and "Blossum" reruns. I don't think they're on any channel anymore. Are they on dvd yet?