Monday, June 25, 2007

Shannon is gone, I hope she's drifting out to sea

Everyone in the "FBOFW" universe feeling good and guilty now? Check how the kids in the final panel are all "We've learned our lesson, yes we have." Well, OK, then.

Except loyal April (whoops, I had "Liz" here), who never made fun of Shan...non, except inside her own head, kind of.

This comment from the FOOBiverse cracked me up: "What the hell? Is Shannon still standing on a table? Why is she at eye-level with everyone? And for god's sake, Shannon, nobody cares about your fricking cleft palate. 99% of the High School doesnt know you exist, and of the 1% that does, 99% of them dont make fun of you. What the hell are you demanding? Practically all the people you are preaching to just want to be left alone to eat their lunches in peace. Back off, bossy."

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Anonymous said...

Lynn's got April looking so much like Liz these days, even you're confused. It's loyal April who never made fun of Shan...