Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Misty water-color memories

Still in 90210, and posting like crazy about TV shows to my Weblog, which explains the lack of posts here.

But I had to share this: Matt of X-Entertainment is way younger than me, though in many ways we're similar -- both Catholic, both youngest of seven, both the last one left at home when the siblings were all gone and mostly married with kids, both had a pool that the parents eventually got rid of due to only one kid using it.

Matt found a great doodle he did remembering his favorite events from one of his childhood summers (1992 -- see, told you he's much younger than me). His dissection of the drawing is just hilarious and totally worth reading.

I am not the kind of person who says things like "LOL" or "you owe me a new keyboard" (and PLEASE, can we stop with those sayings now?), but Matt's essay made me laugh in numerous spots, including "Either before I was born or right when I started living, my brother received Confirmation. That's a Catholic thing, you sinners."

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