Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pickle Sickle

Now I'm a fan of pickles under most circumstances -- deep-fried at the fair, wrapped with cream cheese and corned beef (also at the fair). But I don't think even I would like a Sickle, which seems to be a pickle-juice popsicle. Ugh.

(Via Junk Food Blog.)


V said...

Um, that's alittle hardcore to me too. Then again, I just watched a Travel Channel Anthony Bourdain show wherein he lusted after a bacon-topped doughnut, so I'm sure this concoction will have its fans.

Plus I live in Georgia, home of the Luther Burger and host to deep-fried Coca-Cola; I'm starting to get used to people's odd tastes. I'm still holding out for all the exotic KitKats we Colonialists miss out on.

Anonymous said...

One of the new flavors for Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans is Pickle. The other is Sausage. I am not sure why I bought these; I don't like either one. Sue

CJupiter said...

As a lifelong pickle addict, I'm trying to figure out how I didn't invent this myself. Pickle juice is better than Gatorade on a hot day, too.

shoppista said...

I know it's very, very wrong, but this sounds delicious to me.

*hangs head in shame*