Monday, July 30, 2007

Sobering story

I've read this lengthy New York Times story twice, and it's just so sad.

It's about how confusing it is to decide what cancer treatment to seek, but I couldn't shake the individual story it tells about the woman in the photo, a 35-year-old Seattleite who was told just after giving birth to her first child that she had advanced colon cancer and six months to live (she's almost doubled that, thank God, and is still going).

It's just so easy to imagine yourself in her shoes (she had virtually no symptoms, except some blood in her stool that doctors dismissed) and imagine how suddenly small the world gets, how nothing matters but the simple act of continuing to live, for her daughter and herself. It's inspirational and heartache-inducing all at the same time. I can only hope the local papers, or the Times itself, will continue to follow her case -- I'm hoping for a miracle.

What's that line from "Rent"? No day but today.

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