Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Best and worst TV commercials

Today in my MSNBC.com Weblog, I present the best and worst TV commercials of the year so far, as decided by a summer's long discussion with readers.

Check out the commenter who accuses me of cheating, or something. What? Apparently because I didn't go 100% with an online poll (since they can be fixed, and what's the point of a summer-long discussion if only the few who vote in a poll get counted), I should be making ballot-counting machines in Florida or something. Readers get het up about the oddest things, I tell ya.

Anyway, the creepiest ad is Joe from "Rhoda" getting milked for Sour Skittles, and the best is the bulldog giving his toy to his new little sister, for PetSmart.

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T said...

I'm rooting for the bulldog commercial. It's adorable. Whoever decided it needed to be bulldogs was brilliant!