Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cookie Puss

In Minnesota, we never had Carvel ice cream, but I still find this commercial highly entertaining.

I've heard of the famous Cookie Puss, but let me say it is one goofy looking....creature? Person? Ice cream cake?

Oh, I guess he's supposed to be a space alien. Who was born on Planet Birthday. Riiiiight.

Turns out Matt at X-Entertainment has a great article on Cookie Puss. He writes: "you can't fully experience Cookie Puss unless you kill him. That's only half the trouble, though. See, you could technically get away with slicing around C.P.'s "meatier" parts, arguing that he didn't need that blank part of the left side of his head anyway. Cookie Puss could live on -- injured, but living. It never works out that way. "

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