Sunday, August 19, 2007


The perfect romance continues in "For Better or For Worse," with the added bonus of some serious Therese-bashing.

Oh, this strip has just fallen off the earth lately. I'm kind of shocked that it even took a week off from the twu luv for some random Grandpa Jim storylines. Boxcar! Boxcar!


Ellie said...

You might have already seen this, being a FOOBiverse fan yourself, but one of the posters did a fantastic (and far more accurate!) re-imagining of the Sunday strip.

It really is astonishing how the strip is continuing to get worse and worse. Lynn is clearly not going to let it go until all the readers have come around to support this ill-advised whitebread relationship -- she's already pushed back the date for the new format and has done interviews saying goofy things like "We need more time to learn about Anthony. I don't know him at all." Yikes.

T said...

Ellie, that was the most awesomest thing I've seen today. Thanks for the link.

Squire McGuire said...

I for one am glad that they are together, it is what I have yearned for since they first broke up - I guess it's a guy thing!

Erin said...

The strip today (Wednesday) made me want to scream and throw things. I hate this storyline so much that I could cry.