Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Legend be not heard about by anyone

One of Rob's and my favorite MST3K movies is "Boggy Creek 2: The Legend Continues." In it, a doofusy Arkansas college prof takes two students and a friend on a hunt for a Bigfoot-like monster who lives in the Arkansas swamps. A million poop jokes later, not much really happens.

But apparently the legend of the monster is real, even if the monster is not. Or, you know, vice-versa.


Wayne Nix said...

A friend of mine is working on his doctorate in English where his main area of interest is the legends about this creature.

He's seen that ep of MST3K about 4000 times.

Kelly said...

Hey I am from Texarkana and actually went and saw that movie in the theater. It is a big deal around there and many people claim to have seen him.

Anonymous said...

"Well, I'm...
Goin' down the road,
Lookin' for a Waffle House,
Drinkin' that Wild Turkey."

(Tune attributed by the 'bots to movie characters during boring highway footage in BC II)

Anonymous said...

Correction: I looked up the "lyrics" and they go as follows:

"We're drivin' down the road, looking for a Waffle House, drinking lots of Wild Turkey!" - Servo (singing)

Well, I remembered the gist of it.

AMerideth said...

What's with the guy who needs to "tend his fires?" Love that episode.