Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wakey, wakey, pancakes and bakey

A Perkins menu from Minneapolis from the late 1950s-early 1960s.

PALESTINE pancakes? Never heard of them.

Apparently Perkins was a Twin Cities chain, which I didn't really know, but they also owned a chain called Smitty's, which had Seattle locations. One was at 125th and Aurora. I should drive up there and see what's there now. There is a pancake house on Aurora, Cyndy's, but it's more at 105th.


Deanna said...

What the hell is a jelly omelette? That sounds frightening!

Anonymous said...

We still have many Smitty's in Saskatchewan.

Kim said...

The Aurora Perkins is now a tire store. :) My fam went there almost weekly, when I was between...oh, 10 and 15. Aw, good times!

Should I be a little disturbed at myself, that I am so quick to leap on your blog and identify and mourn for the late Perkins?

Deborah said...

Weird, I was pretty sure that 125th Street grill was the site of the old Perkins, but after looking it up online I find the following information:

Robb's 125th Street Grill
12255 Aurora Ave N , Seattle, WA
Phone - (206) 363-8950
0.54 miles away

Perkins Family Restaurant
12215 Aurora Ave N , Seattle, WA
Phone - (206) 363-7171
0.55 miles away

Looking deeper It then became
Finnegans Family Restaurant

And now is a Les Schwabe.