Thursday, August 02, 2007

What's my name again?

Who's Forsythe Pendleton Jones?

An oil-company heir? A preppy brat from "Revenge of the Nerds"? The latest Wall Street zillionaire?

Click here for the answer, and see if you're as surprised as I was. Who knew that was his "real" name?


Stella said...

I should be ashamed to admit it, but I totally knew that because I spent about an hour reading most of the Archie Comics-related Wikipedia entries yesterday. I blame the Comics Curmudgeon comments section.

Unknown said...

I totally knew that. I used to read Archie comics like crazy when I was a kid. Sadly, I never got to watch the TV series.

Anonymous said...

I knew it too - he is totally the most intriguing character in th Archie comics.