Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's a GHOST DOT! These hills are full of 'em!

Matt at X-Entertainment has started his great Halloween countdown, even though it's just mid-September.

I haven't seen these Ghost Dots anywhere, but they're pretty cool, even though Dots were never anything but a teeth-pulling-out system to me.

Matt also makes an excellent point...why do the stores have giant bags of Halloween candy out NOW?

As he points out: "Do people really stock up for trick-or-treaters six weeks in advance? Or is Halloween just a front for sugar-loving gluttons to buy in bulk without the usual shame found at the checkout line?"

He also has a great piece ranking and rating these weird hanging head things from K-Mart.


Tigerlily said...

Try Target for the Ghost Dots, I saw them in a Northern California store this past weekend.

Anonymous said...

This is funny. I work at a grocery store and I built the Halloween display last week. People have been snatching and grabbing things ever since.

The most popular item is the Peppermint Batty.

Anonymous said...

I live in a high traffic neighborhood and run out of candy every year. I need time to afford to stock up on candy! If I run out there will be eggs on my driveway (again!)

Though I do agree they push the seasons and holidays way too fast!

April Patterson said...

The stores have the sales on the Halloween candy this early because they know that people will buy it with the intention of saving it for Halloween, only to eat it themselves and have to replace it. More sales! :)