Saturday, September 08, 2007

Maybe a stranger could walk in and see her in neon

Spotted these prints of neon signs, mostly from Oregon and Washington, I think, in a Seattle frame shop. Pretty cool.

I especially like Kupie Cone, which looks like it's out on a lonely highway in the middle of a post-apocalypse movie, and Hot Cake House.

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Katie Taylor said...

Hey! These are all in my hometown (Portland, OR). Kupie Cone is, alas, no more. The property it was sitting on is in an urban neighborhood that is undergoing that freaky, wholesale gentrification that seems to occur practically overnight. I used to love that corner, because it looked almost exactly like something out of a primary school text book from the '50s. Not anymore. Sigh...

Hot Cake House in my neighborhood. It serves breakfast all night and all day on plastic cafeteria trays, often with exciting surprise objects embedded (which is why I never go there anymore, even if I am dying for pancakes at 3 am).