Thursday, September 13, 2007

We all scream for pie a la mode

It seems pretty weird for anyone to have invented pie a la mode, when all it is is ice cream on pie.

But in Donna Tartt's "The Secret History," my favorite book, the characters eat at the Hoosatonic Inn, which claims to be the birthplace of pie a la mode.

Obviously that's a fictional restaurant, but turns out that a place on the East Coast does claim to be the birthplace of pie a la mode -- the Cambridge Hotel in Cambridge, New York. I wonder if Donna Tartt knew that, or if she just wanted to make up something silly for the Hoosatonic Inn to claim as its own.


qtilla said...

I have a very important question for you:
Did you read Donna Tart's The Little Friend. I couldn't force myself to finish it (as there are so many awesome books out there), but I'm quite curious to know what happened at the end. I know 3 other people who read it and 2 quit in the middle and 1 just can't remember.

Renpup said...

I love the Secret History, too! Great book. I used to work at a book store and I think I significantly boosted sales of that book by my recommendation alone. Donna Tartt owes me a thank you!

I did read The Little Friend, more than once, actually, but I feel bad telling the ending. I'll leave that to the blogger herself, should she so desire to spoil.

Anonymous said...

I made it all the way through The Little Friend - I remember struggling to get past the 2/3 mark, but after that, I couldn't put it down. You don't ever learn who killed the little boy, but there is a pretty fun climax inside the water tower.

The Secret History is one of my fave books too, Gwen! Does anyone know when Tartt is going to come out with a new book?

Anonymous said...

I have read and given away and re-bought The Secret History more times than I can count. OK, I'll count... I have likely bought it 10 times and read it several more times than that. Another book I do that with is Rule of The Bone by Russell Banks. Anyhoo... yeah The Little Friend was not so compelling. I can't even remember what happened at the end, I remember the water tower shiz... that's about it. Too bad it was so disappointing. I bought it in HARDCOVER as some sort of investment / treat for myself when I went on vacation. I was so disgusted with it I left it at the Florida rental condo with a bittersweet note to the next reader.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to bet that Tartt knew it. Cambridge is close enough to Bennington and quirky enough compared to the surrounding area for the average Benningtonian to have been a little familiar with it.