Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wild, wild West

I've been using Netflix more and more for catching up on full seasons of TV shows, and less for watching movies. "The Shield" and "Grey's Anatomy" were my first two, followed by "The Wire," and now I'm into "Rome" and "Deadwood."

"Deadwood" is my current obsession -- I'd wonder as to why I didn't get into this while it was on TV, but truth is, it's great for my impatience to watch on DVD, when you can soak up 5-6 episodes over two days, not having to sit and wonder what happened to the brother-sister con artists for weeks at a time. As an Upper Midwesterner for most of my life, I tell you, I had no idea South Dakota could be so exciting.


HielanLass said...

I just finished the 2nd season of Rome yesterday - I'd be interested to hear your take on it.

Anonymous said...

Deadwood is also my current obsession, however I am approaching the end of the series run. Boo! No more Al! How this show didn't last more than 3 seasons is beyond me. Damn Hooplehead Box Office!