Thursday, April 17, 2008

Born the child of the strong and Wild

When I was in Minnesota these last weeks, I got to watch some of the Minnesota Wild's playoff hockey. (We don't get much hockey coverage out here in Latte Land. I miss it. Shut up, sports freaks who know me well and yet scoff at the puck.)

Anyway, after two of the games against the Colorado Avalanche, a Denver Post writer wrote a column where he apparently intentionally went as far out of his way as he could to slam the Wild, the state of Minnesota ("land of 10,000 dead car batteries") and even the team's uniforms. To make it even better, the St. Paul Pioneer Press picked up his column and ran it, so Minnesotans saw it, and the nasty return comments haven't stopped since. (The writer, Mark Kiszla, has a follow-up here in a similar tone.)

It's funny, but when I first saw the original column, I told my niece I figured it was a pact between the two papers, "hey, you savage our team, and we'll savage yours, and we'll each run each other's columns and get both sets of fans foaming at the mouths. That'll get the readers pouring in!"

But I guess I was outthinking things, since I have yet to see a column by a Minnesota writer savaging the Avs in the same way.

Writer Tom Powers did write a sort-of response, when asked to by the PP online staff, but it's a big wet kiss in comparison to the original piece.

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