Thursday, April 24, 2008


Oh enough already, how boring is the FBOFW storyline about April and her friends (who are still in high school) fussing about their future careers?

I realize Lynn Johnston probably wants to wrap things up in some allegedly satisfying way, but I don't think we need to know what April will be doing in 10 years (receptionist). And we certainly don't need to know what her friends Duncan (who?), Gerald (pumping gas for Gordon) and Becky (methhead) will be doing, although as you can see I have some guesses (Mets tickets).

The FOOBiverse also has a lively discussion of this sleep-inducing "plot."

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Anonymous said...

Particularly interesting is that they are going on and on about the future when they still have a year of high school left. They should already have an idea of where they're going (college, not college), but they sound as if they need to make a decision right now.