Thursday, April 17, 2008

Right on!

Matt at Scrubbles shared this "Electric Company" clip extolling the virtues of the so-1970s phrase "Right on!" At first I thought I didn't remember it, but when he hops over to the TV, my memories started to click in. Aw, what a great trip into the past.

Rita Moreno was at the TV Critics' summer press tour last July promoting "Cane," the big sprawling Cuban soap opera she was in. Can't say I cared for her show, but just hearing the voice that blasted "HEYYYYY YOOOOOOU GUUUUUYS!" in person was worth the price of admission. One of the critics I met there apparently went up to Rita Moreno and thanked her for teaching him how to read. Aww. Wish I'd thought to do something similar.

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Anonymous said...

We bought the Electric Company box set a year ago, and Quinn *LOVES* it! You can't beat those little song shorts...they are just fabulous!!