Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rode in on the Greyhound / I'll be walking out if I go

The Creedence song "Lodi" was not about the town in California, but about a town of the same name in Ohio, which singer John Fogerty visited in his youth.

The things, the things you learn about pop songs after you've been singing them for years.


Anonymous said...

I drive past Lodi, Ohio, quite often, and that song always goes through my mind when I do. (About an hr and a half west of where I live.) I have even often wondered whether it was the California or Ohio Lodi the song was referring to. Now I know!

Adrienne said...

If John were to visit Lodi, OH these days, he can shop 'til he drops at the Prime Outlets of Lodi!

Maria Hayward said...

That won't stop me from singing it every time we go through Lodi, CA.