Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Storage solution

I've been frustrated lately by the fact that my good plastic storage bins don't have lids, and the lids I have don't fit anything (and this just a few months after I SWEAR I cleaned out my Tupperware drawer!).

So I was following this Ask Metafilter thread with interest, and was all set to possibly buy the Rubbermaid Premier set (only two sizes of lids and they fit tons of different bins). But then someone noted that it has BPA, and while I'm no Chicken Little, I'd kind of like to stay away from that. I guess I'll limp along with mismatched bins for a while until I figure out another answer.

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Melissa said...

The Pyrex storage containers are awesome, freezer/fridge/microwave safe, very sturdy glass. I have them in five sizes and they go on sale at Amazon all the time. I ditched all my Tupperware and never looked back.