Friday, May 16, 2008


Helicopter pilot Warren returned to "For Better or For Worse," only to bail on Miss Liz and her perfect relationship with Creepy Granthony.

Comics Curmudgeon has an awesome discussion of the plotline here. (Best line: “It sure was nice knowing you!”–an expression almost as deep and tender as “Have a nice day!”)

And ocer at the FOOBiverse, there's an interesting discussion of the tendency, in FOOB, for guys to ask not for a girl's phone number when interested in dating her, but for her address. I never noticed that before! But even Lynn Johnson admits it makes no sense. Except that I can see it being asked by those with stalker tendencies (ahem -- Granthony -- ahem).

And as someone at CC points out, Warren has a waaaaaay too detailed bio for as minor a character as he apparently was written to be. Check out the READ WARREN'S BIO link on this page for the longest, most boring novel since Michael Patterson put pen to paper. What's with the stereotypical Aussie friend?

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