Sunday, May 25, 2008

Home sweet Hugo

My parents live in White Bear Township, just south of Hugo, Minnesota. It's the place I lived for the majority of my life--where I lived from age 9 until I finally moved out for good and got married at 25.

While they were at my sister's today for Memorial Day, a tornado touched down in Hugo, just north and west of their farm. Pictures of the devastation are pretty scary.

We were unsure what their home would look like, but thankfully, it was OK. Mom said the yard didn't even look that's looked worse after other big storms. But when they drove home, the police were out directing traffic (probably keeping gawkers away) and there were piles of hail on the side of the road.

Tornadoes are scary, scary things. I never understood how or why those storm chasers actually seek them out. I prefer to stay as far away from a funnel cloud as I can, thank you.

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