Sunday, October 26, 2008

Eating in the 1980s

Found this list of 10 uniquely 1980s foods at Kottke.

I like how the list tried to encompass foods that represented new kinds of foods or food-delivery systems (fruit snacks! juice boxes!), but I have to say, if I made my own personal list it would probably look something like this:

1. Pepsi Lite
2. Marathon candy bars
3. Jello Pudding Pops
4. Chocodiles
5. Munchos
6. Bubble Yum and Bubbilicious
7. Burger Chef burgers
8. Aero candy bars
9. Chewels bubble gum
10. Velamints

Yes, these items are not all as representative of certain food trends as the other list, and it's quite possible that some of my foods are more 1970s than 1980s, but it's my list, and I'm stickin' to it. Until I remember another food I forgot...


Rays profile said...

I'd rank Munchos in the 70s - they got me through college when the only other available chips were ... well, bad. Put Pringles to shame!

Happy 1st Kelly!

naginata said...

Oh my gosh! Chewels!!! I loved that gum as a kid. I had totally forgotten about it. I bet it's gone forever. I loved the name too. So idiotic but perfect! :)

Rachel said...

Oh god, I loved Marathon bars. They were simply a braid of caramel covered in chocolate. Took forever to eat. I hate Snickers for naming their energy bar after it.
Chocodiles were a choco-covered Twinkie.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Marathon candy bars and was truly sad to discover they are no longer being manufactured. (Even through retro candy sites)

Anonymous said...

Marathon bars live on!

They're sold in the UK as a Curly Wurly bar and can be ordered fairly easily in the US from a number of Web sites.

Mike said...

I loved the Marathon bar too. I remember it used to have a ruler on the back of it to show how big it was. Eventually it disappeared when the candy bar got smaller.

Nova said...

If anyone has a World Market near them, they sell the Curly Wurly bars. They taste just like the Marathon bars. I don't remember Chewels for some reason.