Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Coolest. President. EVER.

Obama memes. Cats love Obama!

Front pages from today's newspapers. I'm awfully touched by the Anniston, Alabama newspaper's front page headline, "IN OUR LIFETIME." Because I never thought it would happen in mine, that's for sure.

All the presidents' heads.

Newsweek (our online partner) has an awesome look inside the campaigns. Special reporters have been working on this for over a year. It's really amazing. You feel like you've gotten the inside scoop on the Obama, Clinton, and McCain campaigns. Here's the highlights-only version. And then chapter one begins here. Fascinating, if lengthy.

The Onion's election map is the best I've ever seen. THE ELECTION! Oh, dear God, THE ELECTION!

Political cartoons
about the victory. #6, #10, #15 and #18 especially got to me.

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Kim said...

Oh, for Pete's sake, I'm crying again.

Thanks for the excellent roundup of links, Gael--I'll savor them over the next few days!