Saturday, November 15, 2008

My neighborhood is cooler than your neighborhood!

Rob and I were laughing at this site (via Metafilter) which lets you pick two cities, and then purports to compare neighborhoods in one to supposedly similar 'hoods in the other.

We compared Seattle to Mpls, LA to Seattle, Mpls to St. Paul, and LA to Mpls, with hilarious results. I mean, first off, they use the terms that no one other than a realtor uses to describe a neighborhood, so you're not even sure you can find your area. And then, some of the comparisons are obvious (International District=Little Tokyo) but some are just bizarre. Some areas must just get matched up by average home price or diversity level or something, because if you know the two towns, they don't equal each other at all.

I mean, I do not know where in Seattle a neighborhood called the "Industrial District" is, but with that name, it's unlikely to pair up with Minneapolis' tony Linden Hills.


Bathtub Mary said...

I just tried this by comparing Chicago, where I live now, with Oakland CA, where I used to live. And then I laughed when I saw that ALL of the neighborhoods it brought up to match were on the South and West sides of Chicago! I guess it uses some sort of racial/economic algorhythm to match them up?

Kim said...

Seattle's industrial district is the area between Sodo and the sound, where the container ships unload. It is in no way tony! I mean, guys named Tony probably work there, but that'd be the toniest thing about it.

Lauren T. said...

I'm so disappointed Atlanta isn't an option.