Friday, December 05, 2008


Matt at X-Entertainment has found a Chia Christmas tree!

It's a symbol of the season AND the fall-back present almost nobody wants to get, all in one!

(If you just must have one, they're sold here. And no, I get no kickback.)
I suppose different people have different desperation/fallback gifts. In school, it was always the book-shaped box of Lifesaver rolls. You got that, boy, you knew the person who drew your name had no creativity, or their mom had no time to shop.
(Although apparently some people loved 'em.)


Kim said...

Heh. My dad got us each one of those Lifesaver books every Christmas for years...which says something different, but similar, about his gifting strategy, I guess!

Dan said...

My dad also got us each one of those. Mmmm -- butter rum Lifesavers. Of course, he got us other stuff, too, but I could always count on the Lifesavers.