Sunday, December 21, 2008


Because I am a punctuation freak sometimes, I found this interesting, and no one else will: What I have always called the serial comma is also called "the Oxford comma," or "Harvard comma."

I always remember a style memo from one of my first journalism jobs saying "we eschew the serial comma." Here's a song that says that a little more bluntly.


Carol P said...

Huh. I prefer it, because otherwise I tend to envision two groups of objects: the first one standing alone, and the second two together. In fact, it is three separate things.

Carol P said...

Ha ha, read this article. Especially the last line.

Anonymous said...

I not only care about the serial comma, I was delighted to find it had other labels. Who knew?

Great video - now I'm waiting for a hit song about gerunds.

Ann F

Deanna said...

Commas are important! See:

Copy Editor said...

I'm a copy editor, so I too, find this to be interesting.

I remove the serial comma from the copy I read because AP style says to do so. But there are times when I read a series of items, get to the "and," and think to myself, "I'd really like to put a comma there if it were allowed."