Friday, December 19, 2008

Earworm Central Station

OMG how addictive is that damn Beyonce song, even though it has about the stoopidest lyrics I've ever heard?

I love how Wikipedia quotes Beyonce offering an explanation of the song's meaning.

"That song is all about: 'I've been with you all this time, you're taking too long and now I'm looking hot and you see it and you gotta suffer because you shoulda put a ring on it,'" Knowles explains.

Seriously, this is not "The Waste Land," here. We are not deciphering "Ulysses." The lyrics are nothing if not self-explanatory, even if the video looks like an exercise routine from 1962.


Crafter of Khnum said...

Isn't 2008 the year of the Ting Tings?

Anonymous said...

The video that inspired this, Gwen Verdon's Mexican Breakfast, is from the '60s.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blair, you beat me to it. There is a youtube up where you can see them side by side.