Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gmail themes

So talk to me about Gmail themes. Have you found any fun ones that you recommend?

I tried Tea House for a while and really liked it, but it got a little boring -- the little creatures kind of do the same thing after a while.

I thought I might like Ninja, but eh, it was boring. Bus Stop even more didn't seem to ever change. How long does it take that one kid to climb up the giraffe's neck, anyway?

I've been trying the various scenery ones, but so far, so boring. What themes have you liked?


Anonymous said...

Since I discovered the themes a couple of weeks ago, I have had it set on planets. The background seems to cycle through about a dozen pics - all very space-themed and some cool shots. I have enjoyed it... haven't really tried any of the other ones. I'm just thankful that they did it, because it's a big improvement over the just plain background that I had before.

Paxton said...

The themes are more boring than flat blue/white?

I use the ninja theme. The colors and design is nice. I don't need it to move and change. Shiny is cool too. More interesting than the default, I must say.

Anonymous said...

I'm using the beach one because today's weather where I am is a high of 4. I'm trying to think of warmer climes.

Plus, depending on what time of day it is, is shows a sunrise or sunset. During the night, it's a night beach scene.

I was using the tree one for a while and that was kind of interesting because it really didn't show the tree (at the bottom of the page it did) but instead it showed current weather conditions.

My husband uses the ninja one and loves it. It doesn't change at all with time or weather, though.

Anonymous said...

i'm using the candy theme right now..real cute.

Anonymous said...

I like Winter Village - it looks a little like Whoville - I also use animated snow - it falls prettily.

Lauren T. said...

I use the Tree theme, because my local weather is reflected -- if it's raining outside, it's raining in Gmail. I really love it!

Centrechick said...

ditto on Lauren T - I'm in MN so we have frequently changing weather. I love it.

daisy said...

Hi there Gael! I have used lots of themes long ago because I wanted to try all of Really, I have used the Ninja and next to it was Candy. I haven't used them for long because I think they are not that attractive. I wanted something that changes throughout the day. So I came across Tree and Pebbles. I loved Tree but then decided to try the other themes, again. Now I'm sticking to Bus and was quite satisfied. I found it cute, really. It's raining right now in our country and my theme is also in the same weather. I'm just wondering whether where the giraffe went when it started to