Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A very soapy Christmas

So I always say that you can skip watching a soap opera for months at a time and you never miss anything.

But then I tuned in to "Bold and the Beautiful" after months of not watching and WHAT? They killed off PHOEBE? I mean, eh, the character was not exactly anything less than annoying, but a) it's weird to kill off the child of one of the show's super-couples, and b) it seems really tacky to have poor Hunter Tylo, as Taylor Hayes Forrester, play a grieving mom when it wasn't that long ago that her own teenage son drowned in the family pool (three days before Kelly was born, so I remember it very well).

They even had a scene of Tylo laying a baby blanket at her "daughter's" gravestone. How the actress can play this scene without dissolving into the ground at the thought of her own son is beyone me, and also, I think I would deck the writer that tried to make me play this scene. And then I would quit.

Note: Thanks to the reader who says Tylo reportedly asked for the plot as award material. Man, I can't even imagine going there, but if that's the case, can't blame the show.

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k said...

The rumor is she asked for the storyline. She wants an emmy? I am fairly sure it was not foisted on her.