Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We built a wall! We built the pyramids!

OK, can I confess that even though I think most sitcoms today absolutely suck, I kind of love "The Big Bang Theory"?
Johnny Galecki (David from "Roseanne") is good, but Jim Parsons, the taller, even geekier one, is just hysterical.

The plot of "beautiful dumb blonde lives across the hall and geek guys try to impress her" is not very original, but if you just ignore Penny, the two leads and their two goofy friends are great. It's a little bit like if "Harold and Kumar" had a TV series, only Kumar, at least, was waaaay cooler than these two.
Some of the noteworthy quotes on IMDB will give you a sense of the show's flavor.

And if you love "Roseanne," pick up the first season of "Big Bang" on DVD. You'll see not only Sara Gilbert (Darlene), but Laurie Metcalfe (Jackie) make guest appearances.


Anonymous said...

Oh, thank god other people are starting to notice this show. I was afraid it would crash and burn for showing too much intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I'm really gald I have a DVR system, 'cause when I do get a chance to watch this, I usually watch half of Jim Parson's lines a couple of times. It IS a funny show that is very clever and very entertaining. I sure hope that it continues it's great run!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks this season isn't as good as last season? I loved the physics humor and that seems to be missing this year.

TerraC said...

Yeah I totally love this show. The Hubby and I try to watch it when ever we can including reruns. I am actually glad they got over the part of trying to pair one of the guys with the blonde. The humor is actually crosses Generational lines for our family, Hubby's grandparents love it too. And we really like to follow it up with How I Met Your Mother I think it could be the next Friends, nah, but real close.

alittleposy said...

I love this show! It's not unusual for a show to have a great concept and lame execution, but how often do you see one that has a lame concept it overcomes with great writing and performances? We laugh our heads off every week.

Anonymous said...

Sheldon is awesome! The episode last night was hilarious with the Christmas presents. Love this show. Wasn't sure about it in the beginning, but it's now a must see on Monday!