Friday, December 19, 2008

Whatever. Martha!

So my favorite new show is "Whatever, Martha," with Martha Stewart's daughter, Alexis, and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt watching old clips of Martha's shows and making fun of them.

It's just awesome. I wish it was on every day, because I feel like I've seen all the episodes now and they're just keep rerunning them. Alexis and Jennifer aren't afraid to totally mock Martha's weird guests, they try to make her craft projects right along with her and end up as completely lost as the rest of us are, and often Alexis gives you the idea that being Martha Stewart's daughter was not nearly as fun as the image may make it seem.

(In this slideshow, she poses with an elaborate heart lattice cake her mom made for one of her birthdays, but on the show, she relates a birthday where her cake was a pound cake with a pillar candle stuck in it.)

The best part is the relationship between Alexis and Jennifer. They absolutely remind me of me and my best friend sitting on the couch pulling our own "Mystery Science Theater" on any random TV show. I know they're filthy rich and have grown up in lifestyles that no one I know can even imagine, but they don't come off that way, they come off as prime examples of the same goofy girls from my generation that I grew up with.

Jennifer loves the double entendre, but you can tell she's good-hearted and if she thinks she goes too far, she pulls back "oh, sorry, that's your mom," and then, two seconds later, is pushing the envelope again. It's just awesome. And she asks the questions of Alexis that everyone who knows Martha wants to know, but no one but a friend could really ask.

And God bless Alexis for not being the kind of daughter you suspect Martha might have ordered up from central casting. She plays the rebel role, but you can tell she loves her mom, even though she's not one bit afraid to dish on her childhood. Life at Turkey Hill, Martha's famous home that she and her husband renovated and that plays such a role in her books, sounds like a hellish amount of work if you were young Alexis living there. Her attitude is refreshing and just screams honesty.

They also have a radio show, Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer, on Sirius. We have XM, but now that the two are merged, I'm hoping an XM channel will pick them up, too.


Pinwiz said...

Martha's channel is in the Best of Sirius package for XM. You can get it if you choose.

And yes, the show is great.

arajane said...

Yay, thanks to you I also became addicted to Whatever, Martha! And, I, too am sad that there seem to be no new episodes (my DVR keeps recording the shows and I keep watching the first 5 seconds and then deleting them). Sigh. Anyhow, I now wish that Alexis was my best friend--her snarkiness is perfect and her crazy wardrobe on the show kills me!

Anonymous said...

I have been listening to their Sirius show for almost 3 years now. I love Jennifer!!! And Alexis kind of gets on my nerves, but I like her too. I find the show kind of painful--I know them well enough now to see that they're a little uncomfortable and not as loose and genuinely goofy and funny and insulting as they are on their radio show. You need to look into picking up the Martha channel on XM so you can listen!!

(I can't believe we have so much in common--still--to this day--it amazes me!)