Friday, January 16, 2009

Farrell's! Can't hear you, too noisy! FARRELL'S!*

I joined the Farrell's fan club on Facebook, and I tell you, it has caused more discussion among my Facebook friends than almost anything else I've done. Guess a lot of people have good memories of that goofy ice cream place with the barbershop-handlebar mustache guys.

Matt on Scrubbles linked to the Farrell's history page. I had no idea they were based in Oregon!

Rob and I always laugh when we are driving in the Valley and we see a place that obviously was a Farrell's, got sold, and the guy just changed the "F" in his sign to a "B" and reopened as "Barrell's." They went under, duh.

*Don't get the title reference? Brush up on your Tom Wolfe!


Kate said...

I've never actually seen (let alone eaten at) at Farrell's, but we taught "Give 'em the Pickle" regularly when I was at Disney. (Read regularly as: I could probably facilitate it in my sleep 3 years later.)

Bob Farrell's definitely an interesting guy!

Carlos said...

Wow. Talk about memories. I used to go to the Farrell's at Metrocenter mall in Phoenix back in the 70s. Lots of fun for a kid. I can't believe my mom, aunt, and uncle took us there, as noisy as I recall it to be. They surely must've served alcohol!