Thursday, January 15, 2009

Taking the silent e from his varsity sweater...

This is wonderful news for when Kelly is a little older: "Electric Company" is back!

I always loved "Electric Company" more than even "Sesame Street" or "Mister Rogers." It felt smarter and more fun. I think one of my most star-struck moments at the TV Critics' Association was when Rita Moreno came for a panel (remember "Cane"?). Yes, she has a star-studded resume, including "West Side Story," but I always think of her as the "HEY YOU GUYS!" lady.


Anonymous said...

I was the target age for Sesame Street back when Electric Company was on, but I much preferred Electric Company. I LIKED Sesame Street, but it was nothing compared to Easy Reader and Spiderman.

Between the Lions has a little big of the Electric Company feel in some of their segments, but I look forward to the new Electric COmpany. I'll have to Tivo it for my kids.

Mary said...

I was a Sesame Street and Captain Kangaroo kid! Never missed an episode of either. But I was absurdly shy, and the Electric Company always kind of scared me. (No idea why; apparently I was also kind of a wussy kid!)