Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Color my world

Apparently Baskin-Robbins has color-changing sprinkles.

If I'm understanding it correctly, you get white soft-serve ice cream and then cover it with light soft sprinkles in either berry (red), yellow (watermelon), and blue (grape). Then, when you lick it (I think) it turns colors, becoming either blue, red, or purple.

I love weirdness in food, but this seems like an awful lot of creativity to develop for not that much cool factor.

In other Baskin-Robbins news, my favorite flavor of theirs, Daiquiri Ice, has returned. The site says: "first created in 1962 and back in 2009 by popular demand, lime ice blends with a splash of rum flavoring for a taste of the islands."

Rum flavoring! When we were kids, we were always kind of excited about this "adult" ice cream, even though as far as I can tell it tastes nothing like rum. I wonder why they ever took it off the menu.

B-R also has a page on their site for Regional Flavors. Some of these (Creole Cream Cheese, Oregon Blackberry, Banana Nut) never made it to my Midwest. And apparently only the Northeast is wacked enough to enjoy Rum Raisin.


Kim said...

Heh. When I was in first grade, one of my friends also loved Daiquiri Ice but famously could not pronounce it...so for 30+ years my whole family has referred to it fondly as "Dicker Ice."

My verification word is "Worbeca"--the most popular name for Klingon girls this year, I believe.

Sharon said...

Oh! Daiquiri Ice on a Sugar Cone! I haven't tasted that since... um... 1981? I have got to find a BR.