Monday, June 29, 2009

Tiger bread

Girlhacker also links to the Wikipedia page for something called Tiger Bread, or Dutch Crunch. Now I've made a striped quick bread called Tiger Bread before, but this is something different.

Apparently it includes sesame oil and has a cracked rice-paste top. It's popular in England and the Netherlands but also can be found in San Francisco. Wish it would spread to Seattle!


Garfunkal said...

It tastes really good, but often its painful to eat.

Its like Toblerone in that respect. Pleasure and pain.

Sylko said...

This is common in California. I'm not a fan.

qtilla said...

Sultan Bakery has Dutch Crunch. They used to sell loaves, but had to stop because they could not keep up with the demand.

It is always packed, but well worth the wait.

Maria Hayward said...

I love Dutch Crunch, it's my favorite for sandwiches. But it can shred the top of your mouth a bit, sometimes. It's not as easy to find in Sac as it is in the Bay, but there are a few places here that have it.

Louise said...

It is very popular in Australia - even the supermarket bakeries bake it!