Friday, July 17, 2009

Bad baby names

Now I'm the first to point out a bad baby name, but really, what is wrong with Alec? Or Luke?

Also, this cracks me up: "Baby Center reports that Aiden, Hayden, Jackson and Noah were among the Top 10 names for newborn boys last year."

I seriously think that should say "Aiden, Hayden, Cayden, Brayden and Jayden." What IS with this "-den" names for boys?


Sylko said...

What's wrong with Luke? I just named my newborn Lucas so is that the same?

Lisa said...

You know what's sick? That I recognize two of the bad names (Malcolm and Garland) as the first and middle names of the meanest grandfather of all time -- Mr. Foxworth from Flowers in the Attic.

I must have done something else when I was 11 than memorize that book, but nothing else as memorable.

Ginger said...

I named my oldest Aidan long before it became a fad. Now I just look like one of the followers.

Unknown said...

I almost named my daughter a boy or unisex name, came quite close. I had some dumb ones on the list for sure (Tyler? for a girl from CA?) It took me 3 days after she was born to name her. I was skeered. I wanted her to be unique. I ended up with Theodora, but she goes by Thea (the name of a lovely, amazing girl I once knew.) She likes it, but everyone assumes no one would name anyone that unless it was a family thing (it was from Gore Vidal's Kalki, a book I love.) She even told me, when she was small, that I should have named her more exotically, like Theodosia. Seriously, some of my family named their kids some stripper classic names, and those names were also in Freakanomics about how poor people name their kids badly and they don't succeed (they are not poor.) However odd her name might be, everyone knows who she is wherever she goes and it serves her well.