Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are you a Hope or a Melissa?

I had just entered my 20s when the show aired (1987-1991) and of course I couldn't relate to the characters, but I was still fascinated. They seemed so adult, and to have so much money, and big responsibilities. How could I possibly leap that chasm into adulthood?

Eventually, of course, I learned that not everyone has to be as High Drama as Hope, Michael, Elliott, Nancy and crew. But some of what that show displayed still sticks with me...especially the loss of Gary, Michael and Elliott's company, and Hope's devotion to her children. Michael was also kind of hot. I saw Ken Olin on the "Brothers & Sisters" panel a few years ago at TCA and he looks almost the same.

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Toby O'B said...

Even though I'm the wrong gender, I guess it was Melissa Steadman with whom I identified on that show. (I caught it on its first afternoon go-round - A&E? Lifetime?) It wasn't a total connection - she was, as you said, too high drama. But every so often she came out with a quote that I could relate to at the time. ("Isn't it funny how loneliness can wake you up?", something to that effect.)

At one time, I even thought of getting a t-shirt made up paraphrasing the Flaubert quote to be "Je suis Melissa Steadman" instead!