Monday, August 24, 2009

Pass the Patio

When the "Mad Men" tried to create an ad campaign for a diet soda from Pepsi called Patio, I wondered if it was later renamed Diet Pepsi.
According to Wikipedia, I was right! It started out as a drink named Patio, before later being introduced as Diet Pepsi in 1964. Note that it's not only marked as "diet" and "sugar free" but also as "dietetic." Don't confuse it for a regular soda, now!
Patio also came in different flavors, not just cola. See the cans here.


growler said...

Gael, I couldn't find an email address on the site, so I'm posting this here. I know you like True Crime stuff, so I'm sure you'll like this:

Liata Gluck said...

I wonder if that's why diet Pepsi tastes nothing like Pepsi whatsoever.