Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Heh, Mimi Smartypants always cracks me up, and her life is just so entertaining sometimes.

Now she's getting constant collect calls from a guy named Reese (is he "Malcolm in the Middle's" brother?) who's in jail and wants her to bail her out. Only he's dialing a wrong number of course.

Why he doesn't call another friend when she doesn't respond is very unclear, especially since in the end another friend of Reese's calls her, too.

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Ana Maria said...

...Hi...I started reading Mimi's blog on your reccomendation, and it is hilarious! loved the Reese post, but it left me wondering why she didn't just tell him or the other person who called on his behalf, that she was not the person Reese was looking for, that could have reduced the number of calls, I I'm left wondering if Reese was able to contact whoever it was he was trying to reach...