Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dan Brown's 20 worst sentences

I admit, I'll probably read Dan Brown's new "The Lost Symbol," but that said, I still found this roundup of his 20 worst sentences pretty funny. (Via Metafilter.)

Some of them are straight outta the Bulwer-Lytton bad fiction contest. I especially liked (liked?) "Physicist Leonardo Vetra smelled burning flesh, and he knew it was his own." Um, yuck?


notanillusion said...

My uncle won that competition one year, and appeared on a quiz. I am inordinately proud of this. :)

Blast from the Past said...

This sounds like a hoot! I so enjoy purposly poor prose - there's far too much of the accidental. This sounds like some amusing unintentionally funny stuff.

Another related great read that ALWAYS provides me with a laugh or two are these truly awful metaphors. So funny!


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that he might have noticed that his flesh was on fire by the PAIN, possibly before actually smelling it.