Saturday, September 12, 2009

Delta Delta Delta, can we help ya help ya help ya?

This Newsweek article mentions one of my fave guilty pleasure shows. MTV's "Sorority Life." (Which NEEDS to have all three seasons on DVD, MTV, are ya listening?)

But although the article is defending sororities, it suggests that "Sorority Life" the show showed someone hiring a rush consultant to choose outfits. Wuh? I swear I saw every single episode and these were fairly low-rent sororities. Not to knock them, but no one on that show hired a consultant of any kind. Most of the girls were working hard just to keep in school. Did I miss an episode, or is the author conflating "Sorority Life" with other sorority stereotypes?

Here's the quote in question: "In MTV's reality series Sorority Life, recruitment of new members is something akin to a low-rent beauty pageant, for which a potential member might hire a "rush consultant" to pre-select outfits."

Yes, it says "MIGHT" hire, but I never got that impression from the show. Those girls had plenty of other problems but hiring consultants was not even in their universe.

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Edie said...

I agree. I watched every episode along with all of my co-workers (I work in higher ed.) Those young ladies didn't have that kind of money and the sorority they profiled was more focused on the individual. Now at some of the big southern schools, that wouldn't be surprising at all!