Monday, September 14, 2009

Is it Halloween time already?

One of my favorite Weblog traditions happens each year when Matt of X-Entertainment starts his Halloween countdown.

About once a day, he posts something vaguely related to the holiday -- a review of a Halloween special edition cereal, or of a seriously sad Freddy Krueger toy, or some fake blood -- that kind of thing.

This year, he's hosting a "DIE-o-rama" contest for spooky dioramas, and I can't wait to see the winners.

Also, I'm telling you, the man has an eye for dollar-store merchandise like no one else. When I hit a dollar store, all I find are lame paper plates or misspelled birthday invitations and expired makeup, whereas he hits the horror jackpot with these blood-drenched plaques. Hang one on your door for trick-or-treating and watch all the kids pause before they dare ring your doorbell.

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