Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Was it Puck's fault?

The "Real World: San Francisco" Lombard Street house is facing foreclosure, with an unpaid mortgage balance of $3.7 million. It looks pretty sad in this picture.

This is the house that really made "Real World" famous, with Pedro and Sean getting married long before it was legal in any U.S. state, Puck and Rachel courting and fighting, Judd falling for Pam (they're now married parents), Cory playing the role of girl who thinks no one likes her when pal Rachel dumped her for Aussie Jo, and Mohammed just kind of stayed out of the way. (Cory, Pam and Mohammed would NEVER get cast today, by the way. Too low-drama, not sexy enough. Judd might have trouble, too.)

I remember when the cast first saw the house, and Pedro expressed delight that it was on the famously crooked Lombard Street, joking that "I pretty much do not want anything straight in my life." Damn, it's hard to think he died so young. I wonder if today's AIDS advances could have kept him with us.

(Via TV Tattle.)

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Tom said...

Wow. This takes me back. Why isn't this season on DVD?