Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Somebody go wake up Woodward!

I'm sorry, but I am flat-out obsessed with this Sally Quinn affair.

So Sally (third wife of WaPo Watergate editor Ben Bradlee) writes an incredibly lame column about her family problems, which a Gawker commentor sums up beautifully: "My son knocked up his fiance so we moved his wedding to the same day as my husband's grand-daughter's, but it's fine because we were banned from that wedding anyways."

And then all hell breaks loose. The comments, oh, the comments on the WashPost piece are HILARIOUS, and not in your regular lame LOL can't spell but must comment anyway way. These are 295 sharp, incisive comments that flat-out nail Sally and her weird column to the wall.

More details in Politics Daily, Wonkette (where a commentor left the Woodward line I used in my subject), The Awl and just about everywhere else.

And then Sally's column got canned (well, from will live on online, apparently). I love a happy ending.

Update: Oh, and the groom lost his virginity to a prostitute while on a Caribbean vacation with his parents, and then Sally made the prostitute take an HIV test. Really!

Oh, and Sally and Ben own Grey Gardens. Which they bought for just $220,000 back in 1979 from the Beales themselves.

Also, she really thought the Obamas would save Washington society by having parties, but damn, they just work all the time. She compares it to "Avatar," no, I'm not kidding.


Kaitlyn said...

Oh Gael, I thank you for posting this and cheering up a dreary Thursday morning. My work does not thank you since I just spent about a half hour reading all those links etc.

mosprott said...

Last week, I read that piece - totally slack-jawed. Never occurred to me to read the comments - thanks for the link!

Unknown said...

I read this in the print edition, and I honestly could not tell at first if it was meant to be satire. It reads like a David Sedaris story.