Monday, March 08, 2010

Remembering Bill Mauldin

Regular readers know how much I love Bob Greene, still.

He writes occasionally for CNN, and today has a column about cartoonist Bill Mauldin, who will be honored with a postage stamp. I hadn't heard ot Mauldin before I became a "Peanuts" devotee...Snoopy was always putting on his old uniform and going over to quaff root beers with Bill Mauldin on Veteran's Day.

Rest in peace, Bill.


pete cooper said...

always thought name was 'maudlin' not 'mauldin' more symbolic that way.

Silky Tigers said...

Was there a funny side to World WarII? Apparently, Bill Mauldin not only saw it but was also able to capture it. He will be honored this month by the US Postal Service. USPS will release a Bill Mauldin stamp.

Stacy Belford said...

His Willie and Joe cartoons were great. I'm so glad he's getting a stamp.