Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Duck? Penguin? Who knows?

Heh, Matt over at XE is blogging about Kids' Cuisine again, little TV dinners for tots, that are of course terrible for you but kind of hilarious to look at.

He just makes me laugh so much, like MST3K-level laughing.

Excerpt: "As usual, the box stars Kid Cuisine’s duck mascot. I can’t remember his name, assuming he has one, but he is indeed a duck. To illustrate the meal’s impossible duality, said duck is shown both in a knight’s armor and in a Frankenstein’s Monster costume. Trust me when I say, I could count on one hand the times I’ve seen a package with knights and Frankensteins on it and not bought it. You don’t have to be six-years-old to understand that life could only be improved by the addition of such things. UPDATE: I’m now hearing that the mascot is named K.C. and is in fact a penguin. Seems my own old articles are in support of this rumor. Still, I feel justified in ignoring this since he is so obviously a duck."

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