Saturday, April 10, 2010

Princess of style

We were talking at work the other day about Raquel Welch, and how she is still the epitome of beauty to certain people. Julie Christie was also mentioned.

I said that both are beautiful, but I personally do not think anyone was as breathtaking as Grace Kelly, in looks, elegance and style. Check out this Vanity Fair slideshow for proof. And here's an article about her style.

If I had to pick a more modern woman, I pick Jaclyn Smith, no question. She remains gorgeous at 60.
Hmm, both of those women had the name "Kelly" associated with them. And what, I ask you, is my daughter's name? Coincidence?


Wayne Nix said...

January Jones looks exactly the same, but much better.

Richard Hadley said...

From Paul Harvey's "For What It's Worth" Department:
I have a good friend whose step-siblings were Grace Kelly's nieces and nephews!

Cristiane said...

I'm late to this, but for me, the most absolutely beautiful woman EVER in movies was Ava Gardner. Certainly Grace Kelly is more of a style icon (and incredibly beautiful, of course), but Ava Gardner - whew! Stunning. She's probably at her most beautiful in the fairly obscure "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman," where she and James Mason made a pretty amazing couple. Also the 1951 "Showboat". Not a great movie (the 1936 version is much better), but she was incandescently gorgeous.